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Stunning Moschino neckties

Zapped at 1:53 PM on Saturday, October 14, 2006

Moschino neckties stun at workBusiness is more synonymous with boring and monotonous these days. Take this break!

A Moschino tie, like the one shown here, can set ablaze the wardrobe of many a business satorialists and make you the subject of their envy.

Eyes will travel and try to read more than what they see. This black and mild grey Silk tie is quite a stunner priced at a reduced £39.99.

Do whatever, but resist the opportunity to catch your secretary ogling at you.

Armani in Layers

Zapped at 1:22 PM

Armani in LayersYou have planned that second date with the man of your dreams. And you already are in a dream-like state.

This beautifully intoxicating dress from Giorgio Armani's Fall-Winter collection will cook up a storm and tell him what you are really made of.

The composition of this signature styled Fluid Giorgio Armani design is 70% Silk and a 30% Lurex.

Now, you know, so much Lurex means, you can easily lure him.

It's an interesting design with 3/4 length, layered to perfection and set in the colors around ivory, the closure is enticing enough for him to change plans even after the good night kiss.

The delicate transition between transparent, translucent and the opaque is beautifully done, leaving it a light, mellow, fluffy experience all over. Priced at a indulgent USD 1138.84, this one is sure captivating enough for the successful man you'd like to stand behind.

TAG Heuer Microtimer

Zapped at 1:23 PM on Tuesday, October 03, 2006

TAG Heuer Microtimer Slick, ain't it?

In keeping with the TAG Heuer spirit, state-of-the-art technologies merge with a resolutely contemporary architecture in the masterpiece of TAG Heuer Microtimer. Originally reflecting the "chassis" of the Micrograph Formula One, which was awarded the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève in 2002, the Microtimer features an extremely sophisticated design based on innovative, elegant lines.

Just plain jaw-dropping material!

Forzieri Jacket: Shifting gears

Zapped at 12:05 PM

Forzieri motorcycle-inspired JacketYou like speeding in Speedzones, and are fed up of bulky beefy jackets. Then you are the right person to get into this lean lightweight Forzieri Jacket.

A motorcycle-inspired style, this brown colored jacket comes with vegetable-tanned leather and a zippered front, with cargo and zip pockets to add to the style. The cut across the shoulders is unique and this drool-gear comes at $718 and sports a neat spread collar.

Buy it to complement your machine, or ship it gift-wrapped for somebody.

Gucci Moccasin

Zapped at 1:25 AM on Sunday, October 01, 2006

Gucci MoccasinThe Gucci Moccasin featured here, is designed to make people look south. And people will drive their convertibles with their heads turned in the opposite direction. A style statement in true sense, the Gucci Moccasin exudes elegance in a contemporary setting.

The brown-blue-brown signature web flanks a smooth brown calfskin. The signature web, and the silver id plate are bound to add that subtle surprise and mystery. At the same time, they help you swagger with distinction. A rubber sole means comfort all the way.

A great wardrobe asset and prized possession, it's priced at $395. It definitely justifies the old adage "Know a man by his shoes".

Colors of the season

Zapped at 11:26 PM on Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fall Colors of the seasonThe Directional colors of the season are the ones you can see above. The pastel look, the earthy colors look slick. A mellow palate is what it appears on the fashion scene this time.

There is, however, one exception of the screaming purple. One may not be really interested in wearing a purple gown, but purple as a dessert over a main course of the grays and pastels would do just fine. Maybe just a speck of purple in your ensemble should do the trick. Like a small purple kercheif jutting out of the breast pocket of your gray suit. Or you may want to carry a wallet or a handbag made out of synthetic leather to not look electric but just mildly, pleasingly shocking.

From, we have a glimpse of the DKNY collection this time.

Minimalism looks like the in-thing. There sure are some frills thrown in as well.
DKNY: Colors of the seasonThe white v-neck flanked with gray straight jacket looks cool, and so does the blue and black combination. The Cap is great too. And the red looks a lot tamed. Mostly, street-smart, ruffled look designs, all of them. So, you know what you're buying for that weekend party or date? Try dark shades, like the blue and black combo for nights, and bright reds and grays for the late afternoon walks around the lake.

StyleZap full throttle

Zapped at 12:10 PM on Friday, September 29, 2006

Teeing off Style ZapA very big hello to all you style icons out there. What's StyleZap, you must be thinkin'. Well, to put it rightly, StyleZap is a Generation-Now-style-blog for the Generation-Now-style-enthusiasts.

Style as in fashion, style as in street-smart-slick-look, style as in grunge-and-denim, style as in chic-furniture, style as in "the way the next door neighboor stares" at you. We do everything and anything style.

And we keep you abreast with what's happening around the world of style, and we do that in style too! :)

So stay cool, stay hip and stay zapped. StyleZapped!